Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Now?


By Mshaka


There are several issues which currently have the undivided attention of Antiguans and Barbudans. One of those issues involves the state of affairs within the UPP.

Some people think that the current ‘troubles’ within the party were triggered by the Minister’s resignation from the position of Second-in-Command. Those people are wrong. The ‘troubles’ were brewing long before the last election. There were rumours flying around (or being spread around) the airways that a post election coup was certain if the UPP were returned to power.

Then, UPP won the election by a razor thin margin. So since some (or one) of the rumored pretenders to the throne were themselves dethroned by a significant ALP politician… it was thought by many that the parliamentary members would now pull themselves together – form a tight unit – and really get back on the right track!

No such luck. First, we heard that the ALP leaders were in ‘secret’ discussions with some of the disgruntled UPP members of parliament – attempting to get them to switch allegiance. The word got out and that seemed to throw dirty water on those coals. Again some people thought… well… now… the UPP leaders know they have work to do... right inside their own party. As a matter of fact… people thought that certainly… they would get on the right track – starting inside the Cabinet!

Again… no such luck… because now we hear that the disgruntled gentleman resigned claiming lack of support by the Chief Servant. Well… it doesn’t sound to me as if the disgruntled gentleman’s feelings of being disgruntled started with the issues over that new building… The disgruntlement began several years ago…

So, why now? Why now?

A. Does the slim margin of UPP victory offer an opportune moment for some hard hand-twisting within the party?

B. Is it time to scare them a bit? “Let them worry about whether or not I will walk away… or walk over the bridge… to the other side.”

C. Or is it real? Is it payback time? “I deserve better treatment. It started in my living room. And, I like nice things… so I deserve to be in a better building. I am the second in command. I deserve nice things… like that office up on the hill… What happen to me? Why I can’t get something like that too?”

D. Or is there a more sinister reason than any of the above? Is there a hidden hand in the background? Is there a hidden puppet master… pulling the strings? Remember Antigua still has one more million million puppeteer left. (The other one – the Pirate – has his own ‘troubles’ in the USA).

The current puppeteer rents buildings to the government and the party, sells ‘power’ to the government, sells cars to the government, sells chip stones to the government… and on and on. This puppeteer has a hand (and a word) in everything that the Government touches (and direct and personal representation right inside the governing inner-sanctum – Still has representation – though not direct and personal!).

So is this puppeteer pulling the strings in this matter?

E. Were those rumors true that some members would agitate for a change in leadership after the elections? Is this current move an outcome of the frustration of having to face another five years in the background – Second-in-Command in name only?

F. Or… to be fair… is this just what it seems to be… the complaints of a disgruntled politician?

So, why now? What do you think?

And more importantly… what will it take to change the course of things and take them back on the right track… and going in the right direction?