Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Fall of A Pirate!


By Marcus M. Mottley


It is humbling. I was right. All those years of quietly and publicly criticizing Antigua’s so-called billionaire. All those years of castigating the Pirate of the Caribbean who lived in Antigua. All those years of going against the tide… when most people in Antigua… and indeed… throughout the Caribbean were enamored with him. All those years of being careful not to expose myself to the possibility of litigious retribution… but still ‘having my say’ and writing from the heart.

About five years ago I watched as the Pirate humbled an Antiguan (now a diplomat) who had similarly castigated him. The Pirate started legal proceedings against him. And in an infamous televised event, that Antiguan (who lives abroad) was forced ‘to eat crow’ in return for the Pirate’s withdrawal of the legal proceedings which he had started. In public… televised… that proud Antiguan stalwart supporter of the new government… in the presence of top political leaders… was forced to swallow his pride (well – it appeared that way), almost like he was begging pardon – shook the Pirate hand!

I have never forgotten that day. That was the moment when I knew… really knew… that the Pirate had to be fought and had to be brought to his knees. Now let me hasten to say that I had no hand in bringing him down… But I wished that I did! If I had the opportunity I would have.

In any case, the headlines speak to the reality of the fall that this once financial tyrant, the usurper who tried to bring our politicians to their knees (like he did that Antiguan), the individual who fed the corruption of many of our politicians. (Yes – many! – Most on the red side… but at least one on the blue side.)

“Tarnished tycoon is left ‘living on charity’”.
“No money to defend himself.”
”Homeless – living with 30 year old fiancee.”