Friday, July 03, 2009

Linked to the Pirate of the Caribbean?


By The Scribe


Many of those people who were formerly associated with the disgraced  (and jailed) Pirate of the Caribbean should be shaking in their boots.

Thus far only one person from our shores (the same one who gloated days before the last election that “We (the Reds) caught them (the Blues) with their pants down) has been linked by prosecutors to the disgraced and jailed pirate.

You can rest assured that there are many more linkages and associations to come. All those who got big checks for political and personal favors are now under intense federal prosecutorial scrutiny.

All those big wigs who took their ill-gotten payment from the Prate and used it for personal gain are now under the forensic microscope. These includes: those who bought land and developed personal housing projects; those who bought tracks of government land and have not yet developed them but have kept them shrouded from public view; those who took the money, skimmed some off for local use and slipped the rest to European and Cayman banks; those who cloaked their use of the money through family partners who then developed businesses… all of them and others are now shaking… some like if they have ague…

And some of them are in surprising places… you would never have guessed!

Can you imagine that the Pirate had a red Antiguan and Barbudan passport? How did he get it? Was he an Ambassador? Who gave it to him? Was it official? And if not, well… you ask the other questions.

I know they are shaking… One of the top officials of the red party… one who surprisingly lost a closely fought battle… approached a psychologist in church… in church no less… and wondered out loud if the psychologist would go and see “him”…

“He needs help you know…” I guess that meant that “he” needed professional help from the psychologist… probably counseling for an anxiety disorder. Sleeping pills were obviously not working… nor was the Zoloft, Cymbalta or Xanax working if “he” was taking them! “He” does not need a psychologist… “he” needs a cross between between a priest and a fully competent lawyer. I think “he” already has a Fully competent lawyer.

Am I gloating? No… As a matter of fact after years of reading in this blog about the Pirate of the Caribbean…. and after years of people telling me that he was good for Antigua and Barbuda… and after even I personally and privately thrashed my UPP friends for the on again off again dance with him… I am now saddened. Hence my reason for feeling compelled to post my thoughts on this blog.

This Pirate’s actions have not only brought down his own flagship and fleet, the ripple effect is threatening to drown Antigua and Barbuda also. It will certainly hamstring the Red people who were his benefactors… (I think I have that backward… since so many of them benefitted from his ill-gotten gains).

I am saddened that so many were caught in his web including some of our great heroes, and most of the West Indies cricketing heroes.

And sadly… not a one of them rose a voice of warning… much less protest… not one of them. All of them were on the take… hands out… begging to be bought and then bought body and soul and spirit with illegal gains… Even those who made the right call on South Africa and Apartheid… fell to the wizardry of the Pirate of the Caribbean.

Now… with their names in the mud… many of them have disappeared from the public space. And that saddens me. They and those others…. politicians… government officials… administrators… all need to repent… prostrate themselves before us… ask for forgiveness and then let us move on.

We will forgive you… but you have to ask… no… no…. you have to beg for it.

The damning thing is that the one official so far named by the prosecutors has not uttered a word himself. One elderly person… a psychologist in her own right… had some insight into his silence… “A shame he shame.”

Well he is not alone… that other list is coming. I understand that this second list of ‘potential’ names may reflect some rainbow colors.

Are you listed in it?