Saturday, September 10, 2005

Antiguans Emboldened

"Strike!" "Protest!" These are words that we hear more and more of in Antigua these days. Teachers strike over the lab at All Saints School. Staff at the court strike over working conditions. Teachers upset because they are called out 'a day early'. Bus and taxi drivers demand a 25% hike in fares.

Are these the results of an empowered populace? Are these the results of having a government that promotes openness (sunshine)?

Or are these the results of people and organizations being secretly and clandestinely doing the work of the opposition?

Or are these results an indication that people perceive the Baldwin Spencer Administration to be weak?

Whatever is happening, suddenly Antiguans have suddenly been emboldened to "Strike" and "Protest". Whatever it is Antiguans are protesting in ways that they never did under the ALP administration.

There are some who indicate that they can see the obvious hand of the ALP behind the leaders of the Teachers Union and the Public Service Commission. There are others who think that the "openness" of the Baldwin Spencer is perceived as weakness, indecisiveness, and 'wimpish' leadership.

There are others who think that "openness" and "sunshine" are refreshing elements of the new administration which promote the involvement of the people in the process of governance... something they claim was missing from the previous 28 years of the last administration.

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