Sunday, May 17, 2009

Public Response Needed – Now!


By Mshaka


UPP is facing a very public matter that should be publicly addressed in a very public way now. This of course is the issue in the last article involving the so-called private matter involving the now infamous new building which was rented or promised to be rented to host the Ministry of Health and Social Transformation.

The public will not wait for the UPP executives’ slow private deliberations to unfold. This public matter has already taken on a life of its own. It has already spread like a virus and is infecting everyone in Antigua and Barbuda. It has already spread through cyperspace…. and it has done so without a whisper from the UPP (well maybe a few private hush hush whimpers.)

It seems to me that the leadership of the UPP does not understand the modern era of communication. You cannot claim a public matter to be a private matter.

There are no private matters anymore! None. Zero.

You have got to respond… and respond quickly.

As a matter of fact… forget responding… You must be out in front of the story… before it is released.

The UPP knew of the story – long before the media did… long before any of us did. The UPP should have led the story… made it public… shaped it in the public’s mind… Put their own spin and interpretation on it. They should have dealt with it and then told us how they had dealt with it. (Or at least told us how they were dealing with it.) And then leave others to respond.

Instead… the UPP is behind. The story is growing… spreading like a cybercancer. Revelations (true and false) are spreading through the airways and through cyperspace. 

And still, the UPP executives have not responded… other than arrogantly claiming the right to privacy and the right to respond ‘in due course.’

Not in today’s world. Mark my words. The arrogance of silence and ‘due course’ will be your undoing and potentially your death knell…

The modern UPP was born of public commentary…. it was born of public discourse… it is the beneficiary of talk radio… And, UPP loved it five years ago. Absolutely loved it.

You can’t hate it now. Silence on a public matter of public concern is like gasoline to a fire. Anything and everything will fill the void… and has… and continues to as I write this article…

UPP must respond now… quickly and thoroughly…

Address the matter. Make a decision. Settle it. And tells us about it.