Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Sticky Situation

Change Your Manifesto!

By Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D.

The world is reeling from the reported sinking of the ships belonging to the Pirate of the West Indies. From Houston to New York, Hong Kong to Bombay, Caracas to Christianstead - to Antigua... people are in shock!

I cannot for one minute understand why they are shocked! Over the years I have outlined and enumerated why I was concerned. Who takes $15 million and gives it to a campaign that is destined to lose anyway? Who takes another $1 million to purchase a piece of property that is worth $200,000 at best? Who sinks hundreds of millions of dollars in a high-flying business where everyone else in that business is losing money?

Those are like schemes where you give me a twenty dollar bill and ask me to give you a one dollar in return! Duh!

So now we are in a sticky situation!

The sports where he promised hundreds of millions on two sides of the Atlantic is reeling from the late breaking news. The chairman of the sporting body across the Atlantic is being asked to resign! No such request is being asked of the chairman of our regional sporting body... because... well... most people supported the Sir Pirate's initiative! Most people were glad to see the money being spent and flaunted. So now - all of those people are mum - with sticky mud on their faces.

A sticky situation indeed.

Yesterday... ordinary Antiguans made a dash on the Pirate's treasure chest... trying to get money. Of course... many of them did not succeed and many of them might not get their money...

And don't talk about the political party, whose candidates are seeking to be elected on a platform where they promised that they would give the Sir Pirate "everything he wanted." Of course this was in return for $15 million dollars - above the table... No telling how much was beneath and into their pockets! I heard someone say that their almost every page of their manifesto referred to the pirate and his money. He would do this and he was going to do that... and they would give him - well... anything he wanted. And now... He probably won't have a thing to give! Election day is March 12... a mere three weeks away... That party is going to have to change their manifesto!

Change the manifesto! As a matter of fact... change their leaders who would give Antigua and Barbuda away to the flim flam pirate! Their leaders did it before after having pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in 'under-the-table' pay-offs!

A sticky situation - for everyone. But for that political party... it is not only sticky... its messy... it's a stinky situation!