Friday, February 13, 2009

Rally Round the ARG

By Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D.

On this day, Black Friday 13th February, all Antiguans and Barbudans need to rally round the ARG!

Our cricket has been dealt a serious body blow. It was a self inflicted blow! (See the previous Blog).

The decision had been made to abandon the 2nd Test Match between England and the West Indies which was to have started today at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. The match was started and our bowlers had serious problems with their run up. I understand that not only was the area of their run up sandy... but the whole field was almost like a beach! Sand everywhere... hidden by the grass!

Anyway, a decision has been made to play a test match which will start on Sunday instead. It will be played at the venerable Antigua Recreation Grounds.

I understand that there are thousands of English cricketing fans here in Antigua - most of them from England. They have invested in visiting our country in order to see this match. It is a good thing that a new match will be started! At least for their sake!

Now... we need to turn out in our numbers... not just to support the Windies... but to save face! We have an obligation to be there - in record numbers! We have an obligation to show up just like those thousands of English fans some of whom paid up to US$5000 just to come and support their team.

We are right here... let's get out and support cricket in Antigua... at the historic Antiguan Recreation Grounds!

Rally Round the ARG! On this valentine weekend, let's show some love for cricket!