Wednesday, March 11, 2009



By Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D.


No! Not again! We won’t return ALP to dominance!

It is unbelievable that anyone would want to vote for Lester Bird and that group. Unbelievable that people have such short memories that they forget what had happened over the 28 years of ALP reign.

No! Not again! ALP must remain on the dust heap of history!

It is inconceivable that any Antiguan or Barbudan would want to turn back the hands of time. The ALP represents the past, the corrupt… everything that reflects the darkest days in Antigua and Barbuda’s history. Have people forgotten that ALP could not pay the people’s salaries in 2003? Have people forgotten that ALP had to borrow money from everyone and everywhere in order to run the country? Have people forgotten that our country’s name became synonymous with corrupt leaders? Have people forgotten that an ALP led Antigua was connected to illegal arms, drug running, inappropriate use of grants and loans from developed countries, and much much more?

No! Not again! ALP must stay on the sidelines!

Antiguans and Barbudans must not forget that ALP opened the door to allow foreigners to take over this country – just so that they could try to get an edge at election time! Now foreigners outnumber the native born! An ALP has promised them blanket amnesty… for both the benign and the criminal element!

No! No ALP again… never! Banish them to the history books!

The Medical Benefit scam that they schemed up. It was a scheme from the beginning; the fact that they drained all the money out of Social Security; the fact that they sucked all the money out of State Insurance; the fact that they siphoned off the money from the Free Trade Zone; the fact that they skimmed $11 million from the airport project; the fact that they got money for the South African arms deal; the fact that there were passport scams that included the infamous sniper who terrorized the Washington, DC area; the fact that they got dirty rich from being Government ministers; the fact that they stole all the sand from Barbuda; the fact that they gave our lands away to the pirate… the one that will soon be arrested by the FBI; the fact that they knew that what he was doing was illegal; the fact that he lined their pockets in return for known and unknown deals that they agreed on with him; the fact that he probably owns more acres in Antigua that we are yet to uncover; the fact that some of their ministers were not only involved in corrupt financial dealings… but also in immoral Sodom and Gomorrah type practices…

What else can ALP do wrong? What evil have they not done? And people still want to reward them… and give them another chance?

No! Never again! Give ALP up to the history books.

ALP… Not… not today… certainly not tomorrow… Never again.

No! No! We don’t want them! No!

ALP.  No!