Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don’t Be Complacent!


By Patriot


This is a response to Mshaka’s article “Rock Solid”.

I understand the reasons for concluding that the UPP is rock solid. I'm with that 100% in the conviction that the UPP's record makes a clear cut case for a second term.

My concern is that some among us may use this (i.e. the conviction that the UPP is rock solid) as an excuse or justification for not voting.

To persons with such thoughts, I caution you in the strongest terms possible - DON'T TAKE THAT RISK!!!

It's not over until it's over. Complacency is our worst enemy.

Remember that all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men and women to remain quiet (or not vote).

So, let's early out and keep them out and then turn our attention to the important task of nation building.