Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can YOU Imagine?

Can you imagine that man called our Prime Minister a liar?
Can you imagine that man said that our Prime Minister is an inept leader?
Can you imagine that man called our Prime Minister deceitful?
Can YOU imagine that man called OUR Prime Minister misguided?
Can YOU imagine that man called YOUR Prime Minister un-statesmanlike?

Can you imagine that this same man, after having called our Prime Minister a liar, a misguided, deceitful, un-statesmanlike and an inept leader that he is appealing to Antiguans and Barbudans to be on his side?

Can YOU imagine?

I can imagine. Yep. I can!

Not only did he insult OUR Prime Minister… but in so doing he insulted both YOU and I… His very demeanor has been an insult to us. His every action has been to insult us. He has insulted us with every word he utters. His every position is a calculated insult to us.

There are thousands of us in Antigua and Barbuda, and thousands of us around the world who have been warning that the same man has ulterior motives… that his intentions are not good… at least not for us… and not even for those Judas Antiguans he pays a couple pieces of his tarnished silver coins to do his dirty work for him. Shame on him… and shame on all those around him.

I hasten to add that some of the people who slave for him are just ordinary workers… ordinary Antiguans who found work in his company. For many of them their public responses are different from their private responses. In one word… they dislike him intensely… but they love his money. Of course… the higher their positions the more they have to display their loyalty… But our criticisms are not targeted at them.

Our criticisms are targeted at the local overseers and those over-sea-ers!

Anyway… Finally, the Honourable, W. Baldwin Spencer, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, an honest, sensitive and sensible, peaceful and peace-loving, concerned and committed, born and bred, roots man Antiguan… has awakened… has put on his armor, and is ‘stiffening his sinews’! He now has the ‘look in his eye’ and the fierceness in his spirit. This is the man who said to Antiguans and Barbudans: "We got them! We got them!"

And Now he can say... "We got him! No let he go - We got him!"

And there are those of us who say… “At last! At last! Finally!”

There were signs of it coming since his Xmas speech when he demoted the turncoat investor… who now has gone back to showing his real colors – red of course! He never left… only pretended and undermined the whole UPP machinery. Even destroying the good relationship… the almost life long relationship… the brothers-in-arms relationship… between the Deputy and the Leader! But now... he is gone!

And so too – is that unhealthy alliance with that man, that pirate who insulted OUR Prime Minister... and who insulted both YOU and I.