Monday, February 09, 2009

That Pirate Does It Again!

By Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D.

When the infamous pirate of the West Indies was throwing around money in Antigua, people lined up with the hope of lining their pockets. Those who lined up - apparently included the Government of Antigua. I guess I should say successive Antiguan Governments. For such is the case and such is the truth. They held their hands out for moneys and because nothing comes free... they gave away the people's lands.

When the infamous pirate was giving moneys to West Indian sporting enterprises... millions of dollars... even formerly culturally and socially conscious sporting greats got sucked into the pirate's money trap. And of course, even less famous sporting figures lined up to reap the apparently cheap harvest of dollars in a recent Roman type spectacle. They soon realized that this may well have been a one-only occasion... since the pirate's return on his investment is seriously in doubt. (No obvious real estate lands here! But he might well have hit the ultimate psychological real-estate jackpot for the minds and hearts - not only of Antiguans - but West Indian peoples everywhere.)

Ordinary Antiguans too lined up for their share. Lots of work... apparently doing nothing. I once saw about 30 guys working on the cricket field day after day... pulling out weeds, watering one spot and watching it for an hour or two... taking a break under the shade of a fat tree... then repeating the process 10 yards away. And plenty people got work over the last few years. And, according to them, they were well paid. (Pirates always pay well... with their ill-gotten treasure - which of course they flaunt). Anyway... a couple of weeks ago, the pirate, in preparation for the upcoming election, and in order to unduly influence it, laid off hundreds of workers. Of course he had a good cover. The world financial system, where he apparently plies his piratical wheeling and dealing, is in a mess... probably because of other pirates like himself.

When the infamous pirate promised dollars for development in exchange for apparently non-developed land... politicians on both sides of the aisle put their open hands on the table... (quite a few under also). Of course, as pirates do, if they failed to do precisely as he commanded and demanded... he cut them off... not their hands or their necks, but their supply of pirate treasure. Or... like pirates throughout history, he hanged them... out to dry.

And he is again at it.

Now we hear that according to one senior politician, that 'reprobate' has reportedly given $15 Million to the red tide so that they can fulfill their promises to him. They publicly indicate that they will give him whatever he wants! Whatever he wants! They will give up the people's lands... again. Not only lands... prime lands... and only they know what else!

Of course the current administration had their own hands out at one time. As a matter of fact, they have had a schizophrenic relationship with the 'reprobate' as they called him. It was an on and off relationships, characterized with a lot of start and stops, a lot of pushing forward and pulling back. They could not make up their minds if they could trust him or not. They wanted his money... but not his demands.

When they pulled back... he pouted. He fussed. He fumed. He threatened. He played both sides against each other. And then, he went west and embarrassed the 'Chief Servant' in his own constituency.

Of course within the same party he was doing his own pushing and pulling, promising and agitating. He wants to anoint his own leader. One with whom he has a legal history. One with whom he has had financial wheeling and dealing - prior to the 2004 Administration. Some people say that that he has courted his own man within the cabinet of power and that that man has been courded and wedded to be elevated to ascend the full throne of power.

I don't know what has happened to that. But I do know that pirates don't put all their eggs in one basket... they don't bury all their ill-gotten treasures in one hole... Maybe they do still have a relationship... maybe not... I would bet - yes!

But he is placing two bets on two different horses... just to make sure. He certainly is putting several millions (More than $5M - I hear) into the pot in the west. He wants to make sure that if the blue wave wins that the Big Man is not there to lead them... His man... the man he has courted... he is hoping will be elevated...

Well... those of us with any sense of decency... with any sense of national pride must send a strong message to the blue wave. It is the same message I heard repeated by the Chief Servant on Sunday night.

Don't be bought! Don't succumb to promises of piratical riches! Don't deal with the 'reprobate'!

Stand up... we will vote for you. We will support you!

"Chief Servant You Are In Safe Hands!"