Sunday, February 08, 2009

Massive Parade!

By Marcus M. Mottley

Today's parade... the UPP motorcade was massive. I stood and watched as it passed by on All Saints Road. Cars, trucks,pick-ups,lorries, big buses, little buses, SUVs, vans, motor bikes, ATV's, and all kinds of alterations and adaptions of these. There was even a man in a superman suit (he wasn't flying).

The motorcade kept passing and passing and passing... for over 100 minutes...

The people seemed to be in a festive mood... waving and shouting and singing and carrying on.

They had flags, banners, posters, and assortment of promotional materials. They wore blue.

They wore gold. They wore yellow. And the owners of red vehicles made sure that their vehicles were adorned and covered in blue and gold.

Of course the favorite vocal refrain was: No pain like labour pain! Vote UPP again!

Of course there were a few people who tried to be spoilers... like the truck adorned in red... with a handful of ALP supporters.... who somehow got caught in the middle of the parade... they were quickly, quietly and firmly removed by the police! Of course they were in no danger from the peaceful UPP multitude. And then there were the three ALP supporters, adorned in red, who stood at the side of the road cussing and carrying on as the BLUE WAVE rolled on! That only served to stir up the people as they passed... horns blared, the music was turned up a little louder, people shouted - drowning out whatever nonsense the ALP die-hards were trying to say!

It was good to see! It had a good feel! And the sounds - they are worth remembering! I am glad I was there to witness it... Of course my 94 year old mother was at my side... waving and hailing people as they passed! My sons were there too! And... Cleon... well - she was already in the motorcade!

A massive motorcade!