Monday, March 09, 2009

Rock Solid

By Mshaka

Never mind that ALP seems to have quietly, some say illegally, registered hundreds of new voters. Never mind that many of these so-called ‘new registered voters’ have not collected their voter registration cards. Never mind that the rumor mill says that these people will show up without their cards… and be allowed to vote because their names will be on the voters’ list.

Never mind those things. The UPP is solid. They have performed solidly! They have solid candidates. They have responded solidly to the local, regional and global challenges of our changing world! And, they have provided sound, ethical and visionary leadership! UPP is Rock Solid! We will return them to governance!

Never mind that it is rumored that six retired Guyanese military officers came in yesterday and were greeted by one of the red tide’s operatives. Never mind that people on the street are saying that those men have been brought in to cause mayhem.

Never mind all of that… the UPP is solid. They have delivered change that we can see and in the next term will bring more positive and uplifting change to Antigua and Barbuda. UPP is Rock Solid! We will vote for them and then they will deal with those illegals who are causing mayhem in the country. Return them to Governance!

Never mind that ALP operatives… who the UPP took pity on and left in places of high power are now turning their backs and jumping out of the ill-conceived “Big Tent”. Never mind that these same executives have been clandestinely working against the only Government they could ever really depend on!

Never mind all that… UPP is solid. Those same highly placed government and statutory executives, (some of them under-cover) will definitely be kicked out this time. They have continued to undermine the government of the day. They have worked clandestinely to do harm, to share information with their ALP handlers and to purposefully place obstacles to any UPP success anywhere and everywhere. This time… this time… they will get their just deserves. UPP will deal with them from a position of strength because UPP is Rock Solid! Return them to give good governance!

Never mind that the red tide has brought in their own pollsters to fudge the numbers to reflect their dreams. Never mind that the real results of their so-called polls embarrassingly were just like all the other polls - showing UPP winning almost all the seats!

Never mind all that because UPP is Rock Solid! Polls or not… we will vote them back in!

Never mind that they promised to give the disgraced pirate whatever he wanted, to do with as he wanted, whenever he wanted and for however long he wanted to misuse our resources. Never mind that since they received the last investment they received from him in February, they have scrounged to get money - both for their campaign and equally for their pockets. Never mind that some of them have received thousands of dollars and other kickbacks over the years – Just for cooperating with the disgraced pirate of the Caribbean… for looking the other way… while he robbed us blind!

Never mind that! UPP is solid. First we know that a new era of accountability has arrived on our shores. The UPP is solid… with a solid set of ethical guidelines already in place and a solid slate of candidates who we will return to lead our country on Justice Day.

Never mind that the leaders of the red tide have flights booked for weekend travel. Never mind that they will probably run before they have to face the charges! If they run, we will catch them. If they hide, we will find them. The UPP is Solid as a Rock. You can run but you can’t hide – not from the 2009, newly elected UPP Government!

Never mind that all the crapeau and frogs are disappearing from the ponds and swamps… (going to learn to smoke pipe… is what I heard!)

Never mind all of that! Let us get this election over and done with. Go out and vote on Thursday! Show them that the UPP is Rock Solid and wont be beat!